When words can’t describe feelings

The 21st century world has become exceedingly competitive and it has channeled tremendous opportunities. The expansion of technology and ideas has created excitement among the ambitious demographic, and the availability of media and platforms to do business has become more accessible. The ease in obtain-ability of avenues to do business is among the prime reasons for increased competition and it has built stress levels in a wider section of the population.

We all yearn for relaxation moments to ease stress, and a great stress buster is an array of colors. The mere sight of colors transforms a bad day into a good one,  the brightness of hues is so pleasing to the eye and our moods are transformed into a state of relaxation. If you or loved one is suffering from some kind of trauma and is not too satisfied with current state of life and mind, art therapy is a good therapeutic activity to look into.

An amazing world of art therapy: 

Art therapy helps a person express themselves through art, and it is a way of talking to oneself. It is sometimes difficult to express thoughts and feelings using words and art therapy is an excellent medium of throwing out your feelings and concerns on paper. Painting and sketching is among the most relaxing hobbies, it has a soothing effect on the mind, and now why not use the medium of art to express yourself.

Art therapy is a kind of expressive therapy where a person can employ creative art medium to improve their emotional, physical and mental well-being. You can literally express the thoughts and feelings going on in your head using creative arts and this kind of therapy also enables a person to resolve their self-image and self-acceptance in the form of improved awareness and self-esteem and also reduced feeling of stress.

On the thought of art therapy many of us would believe we need to be expert artists to use this technique, it is not the case. A person should not have to be a professional artist to practice art therapy, it is just all about expressing thoughts and feelings and it can be splashed in a neat or unruly form.

It is certainly a fantastic feeling to be able to relax and immerse yourself in a world of colors and art. It is an effective way of getting your thoughts or what ever is hidden inside you on a sheet of paper in any which way you desire.  Art therapy is powerful in treating mental, emotional and behavioral health concerns like eating disorders, increased stress levels, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, traumatic brain injury and social challenges.

The application of art therapy is widespread, there is a display of expressive art therapy paintings created by survivors of abuse,  art therapy is used to help autistic children, it helps cancer patients cope. A considerable amount of research is being conducted to determine the effect of art therapy to bring about physical, emotional and mental well-being, and it is a area of application that holds significant promise. 

Immerse yourself in art therapy:

The beauty of an item lies in visual framework, the moment we visualize a beautiful painting or sculpture, it is always a great feeling and we tend to slip into a happy and positive mood. We can hope to encounter a similar feeling at home, and for those who are into painting and drawing, art is a great stress buster.

If you have come home from a tiring day, spend few moments expressing your feelings and thoughts in the form of art. If you are suffering from post traumatic stress, express what you are going through on a piece of paper, the blend of colors will make you feel immensely satisfied. Even as a hobby, cartooning and doodling are fun pastimes to enjoy, if you are lonely and living by yourself, draw a funny cartoon character to enjoy moments of fun and laughter.

If there are times when the dreadful past resurfaces your memory, create an art design and you will soon get over your misery. Art therapy does not necessarily have to been on paper, if you are feeling low, you can decorate your house with colorful shades, the vibrancy and brightness is sufficient to brighten your day. If you are living in a tranquil area, a walk amidst greenery and colorfulness is an excellent remedy to calm the body and soul.









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