Enjoy the healing power of Music Therapy

What is life without music, and how was it before music was discovered, one can only imagine. For years music is known to be a stress reliever, and it is extremely calming for the body and soul. Life is really incomplete without music and it is the reason why it is present any and everywhere in discos, restaurants, coffee shops, health clubs, department stores and so on.

Music is comforting, and a great way to relax after a hard day’s work, people listen to music before sleeping at night, to just absorb fantastic relaxation vibes. It is commonly known that music is an excellent therapeutic tool, the concept of the healing power of music was discovered in ancient times. Hippocrates a Greek physician and Father of Western Medicine is known to have treated his patients with music and Apollo was the God of music and healing.

Awareness about music therapy and how it is done:

The utilization of music as a source of therapeutic healing to treat psychological, physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs of people is referred to as music therapy. A person who practices music therapy is called a music therapist, and once the therapist has identified the needs of the client, about the issues that are bothering them, he/she uses music as a medium of healing and how is this done. The therapist first identifies the issues the client is struggling with it and then uses music as a mode of treatment in the form of creating a lyrics, listening, playing an instrument, singing and so on. Here music is the atmosphere of treatment and comfort, and it helps clients and families express their feelings, it is hence different from talk therapy form of counseling.

History of Music Therapy:

The concept of music therapy is not only popular in current times, this practice was well known and practiced widely in the 20th century and even before that. The perception of using music as a healing medium to calm aggression and promote good behavior was present in ancient scriptures of Plato and Aristotle. During the 20th century music therapy was a popular practice post World War One and World War Two, here nurses and doctors hired musicians to play for war patients who were suffering from emotional and physical trauma.

The earliest medical reference of music therapy was sighted in 1789 and the article was published in Columbian Magazine and was called ”Music Physically Considered.”There were a couple of dissertations on the therapeutic value of music by Edwin Atlee in 1804 and Samuel Mathews in 1806 and both these were students of renowned physician and psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Rush.

Therapeutic power of music therapy:

Music is fun and it can rarely be boring, and we all have our own individual taste in it, an important point to remember is, music is not only a highly enjoyable past time, it has excellent therapeutic properties. It is used to treat all kinds of diseases such as stroke, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and so on. A scientific evidence from 2011 issue of Harvard Review of Psychiatry emphasized on the calming effect of music to treat depression and anxiety disorders. Scientists have also discovered the wonderful effect of music as  medicine to treat a wide range of symptoms in individuals suffering from heart condition such as pain, anxiety, respiration, heart rate and blood pressure.

Researchers have discovered the remarkable power of music to ease pain and anxiety levels in patients before and after a surgical procedure. It is a nerve-wrecking moment indeed to step into surgery and music is known to calm nerves and make patients feel less tense. Music is an excellent therapeutic model to treat stroke, and this was proven in a 2008 study revealed by University of Helsinki researchers in Finland, the results revealed patients with stroke who listened to music daily for two hours had better attention and verbal memory and positive thoughts compared to individuals who did not listen to music. In a 2013 study by scientists from Korea showed stroke patients who underwent neurologic music therapy for a month developed improved language ability compared to patients who did not listen to music. Music therapy has also proven to be extremely beneficial in treating Parkinson’s disease and autism.

Music is an excellent medicine for a healthy mind and body, it has a fantastic positive effect on not only physical illness but mental health as well. It sharpens mental ability and capacity by strengthening cognitive, social, emotional and physical defects and it also helps in improving mood and reducing stress and depression. It also improves memory and concentration, and the phrase Mozart effect was introduced from the result of an experiment that revealed college students were able to crack math problems while hearing music. Music therapy is often used to treat pain, and behavioral problems, paranoia and schizophrenia.

Feel better with music vibes:

There is no better feeling than to listen to some amazing music, especially after a hectic day. We are aware about music being a remarkable stress buster and it is among the favorite hobbies of many, we however do not utilize the stress relieving power of music to the optimum and we do not think of music while feeling depressed.

Individuals around the world are adept in musical instruments, for some it is a hobby and for others a profession. Why not soak into amazing tunes after a hard day’s work to just relax the mind and body. There are several stress situations we face in current times, there is a section of employees who work for hours and night shift has become common, and such individuals burn out easily. For those who are accustomed to long working hours and feel excessively tired, play a musical instrument, sing or listen to music from laptop or YouTube.

Loneliness has become a common scenario in current times, and it needs to be taken care of, or else the consequences are severe to a point of being fatal. The common cases of loneliness are with people who are living in another city or country and are not able to cope with the ways of life of a different culture. Lack of friendship leads to loneliness and there are times when an individual feels stressed out or depressed about something and has no one to talk to. Heart break causes loneliness the affected person feels worthless and detached, aging too causes loneliness and people who are addicted to gadgets also tend to feel lonely. The feeling of being lonely can be devastating, and music is a great way to fight the feeling of loneliness it makes a person feel better. Music therapy also works extremely well in people who suffer addiction and for people in palliative care.

School, college and university going individuals can listen to music to beat exam stress, just spend few minutes listening to music in between study brakes and it does wonders to reduce stress and improve memory and concentration.

Millions of people around the world love music, but only a handful are aware of the therapeutic value of it. So whenever you feel stressed, depressed or isolated, or are suffering from an illness, listen to music and life becomes positive and content.









































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