Ensure You Don’t Drink and Drive

Everybody enjoys partying, not just to have fun, but also celebrate joyous and celebratory moments, such as birthdays, promotions, enterprise success and so on. In some cultures, drinking is an integral part of celebration, and there is no better feeling than to just rejoice and have loads of fun and drink to good measure. However, an important point to remember is to be careful, while having fun and do not overload your system with many drinks to a point of not being aware of your surroundings. It is imperative to be conscious particularly for those people who have to drive. There have been increasing cases of drinking and driving, hence it is necessary to enjoy your party and be completely sober before you head home, to avoid any untoward incidences, which is detrimental to your life, life of passengers and the people on the road. According to a recent report around 70% of road accident cases in India is caused from drunken driving. South Africa has the highest number of drunken driving cases, the occurrence of death reported in the country is 25.1 for every 1000 people. Every 6 out of ten deaths in South Africa is from drunken driving.

The thought of going out after a week of work is fun and relaxing and enjoy it to the core, but be careful before you head home to just avoid any kind of unnecessary incident. While enjoying the outing always think about the consequences of going home after enjoying a meal with a drink. Always bear in mind the dangers of drinking and driving and in order to be safe, follow these tips.

Tips to prevent drinking and driving:

It is important to include food while drinking and eat sensibly

Drink a glass of water after each drink and drink controlled amounts no more than you can handle, keep it moderate and maintain breaks in between. Also, make sure to measure the ratio of water to alcohol. Avoid fizzy drinks, because these drinks keep pylorus (connection between stomach and duodenum) open causing alcohol to rush to bloodstream faster. Pylorus regulates food entry into duodenum.

Have a good dinner

A good dinner is essential, chose food which are packed with whole grain, healthy fat and protein, you can even try a combination of seafood, rice and vegetables. These combinations help to maintain stable blood sugar. While snacking, with a drink eat something salty and spicy and then consume sufficient water to stay hydrated. Alcohol reduces blood sugar levels, and protein stabilizes blood sugar and helps avoid feeling of nausea. The goal is to drink lots of water to keep your system hydrated and mind alert.

Start early

In order to avoid leaving a venue inebriated, it is important to start early, this way there is ample time to enjoy a drink or two along with consuming food rich in proteins and drinking water in between. If you start early there is enough time to absorb the proteins consumed and sober down and be alert when going home.

Start with drinks with low alcohol content

If it is a house party, ensure to have a stack of fruit juices and water, and these can be consumed in between drinks to ensure great amount of alcohol is removed from the system. Also, make sure there is sufficient amount of food and remember being safe is the key. People who are high late into the night can decide to sleepover and not leave until the next morning. Head home only when you feel sober.

If you are headed to a bar or restaurant make sure you consume good quantity of food, especially when you know you are high. Ensure to just relax and leave the place only when you feel sober and alert. Friends and family should protect one another and encourage each other to head home only after feeling sober.

Party with responsibility

Party with responsible people so that each one can look out for the other. Besides this way there is less likelihood of anybody losing their bearings. Keeping responsible party people around prevents the dangerous incidents of drinking and driving.

Calling a taxi is a good option

Even when calling for a taxi it is important to study the driver, whether he shows signs of heavy drinking. Ensure to tell the driver to drive you to your residence carefully, also inquire whether he has emergency contact numbers.

It is good fun to party and celebrate moments, but remember moderation is the key, it is essential to not binge on excess alcohol on a regular basis. Even when on the road while driving please be aware of your surroundings and other drivers, if you find any sign of reckless driving, steer away from the meandering vehicle. Be aware of distracted drivers and rule breakers and notice these signs

  • Vehicles that take a wide turn
  • Meandering and drifting away from the regular path of driving
  • Unsteady path of the vehicle because of drivers who are on their mobile phone and their attention is diverted from the road
  • There are drivers who throw caution to wind after 10:00 pm not following regulations and taking a chance on one ways
  • Be aware of vehicles that come to an abrupt halt.
  • Do not be belied by a slow-moving vehicle, the slow speed could be because of distraction and therefore a hazard on the road.
  • Slow response to traffic signals are also a hazard as they tend to brake suddenly as a delayed reaction to the signal.
  • Abrupt or illegal turning is also hazardous we have to be alert to notice them
  • Some people tend to drive late in the night without headlights because they forget to turn them on.

Remember drinking and driving is irresponsible behavior, and there is an impending danger for the driver, passenger and other vehicles on the road. It is essential to follow safety measures such as wearing a helmet while riding, a seat belt when driving and ensure airbags in your car. It is best to party with a designated driver, also, heed at check points, it enables the police to do their duty and reduce the number of drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI).






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