Ways to Identify Stalking Behavior

followingThere are so many people we meet in life, but yet there are few in contact with us. We however during most times don’t take notice of someone who gives more attention than needed, and it is more than normal observation. He/she could fall into the stalking category, it is a danger most people are unaware of. Stalking is a term not thought of by many individuals and that is why there is a risk of impending danger. What is the intrinsic definition of stalking. It is when a person contacts you indirectly through sending texts, making calls, sending items to residence and so on. People can’t feel stalking behavior until they experience it, because it is done secretively. Watch out for these threats:

The perpetrator will find ways to harass by

Getting your contact on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on

Getting to know your address and send letters

Sending gifts

Trying to steal anything that belongs to you

Creating a website about you

People are extremely busy with their lives, particularly in balancing work and family life  and also thinking about other responsibilities to handle. Being immersed in such thoughts, there is little room for being observant of surroundings and the sight of the person who looks creepy. How to identify a potential stalker or the possible event of being stalked?

Intense expression:

Stalkers exhibit intense expression, at times it cannot be noticed, they showcase a predatory expression through strong eye contact. While meeting someone for the first time, a little bit of long stare is common, but stalkers will stare, in a different way that will seem to be obviously creepy.

Trying to get information about a person:

Meeting people on a regular basis is common, most often people just forget a new person they met and carry on with their lives. However, a stalker might be around the corner and once you are their subject, they will find ways to get information about you before you even know it. They will even gather facts about what you do on a daily basis and the people you know and meet.

Being active on social media and browsing through profiles:

Social media is a habitual ground for stalkers, they will go through your profile to collect as much information as possible. They do this to get assurance that they know you well, they will check who you are with, and what you are doing on a regular basis. If it is a day you are going out for a meal after work, it is possible that the stalker might follow you.

They keep following you wherever you go:

It is impossible to predict that a stalker can follow you, they have a knack of following you and tracing your details. They will find means to get your number and browse through your details. You will find a stalker following you at most unusual places, they do it secretively sometimes, and at times they do it to get your attention.

Watch out for someone who stands close to you:

If it is a person you are not close to watch out for close inappropriate contact, it is a sign of stalking behavior. If you notice such an indication constantly call a helpline and alert family and friends.

It is essential to be aware of surroundings and watch out for stalkers, to be on the safe side, interact more only with people whom you consider to be safe. Also, don’t expose social media sites to the public, keep it private.











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