Overcome Fear of Public Speaking



Stepping into a new work environment is nerve-racking, it takes time to adjust to the workings of a new place. Confined within an office space, individuals feel comfortable, but what about wanting to promote oneself more, to the extent of speaking in front of a large audience. While doing so, there is fear involved and it is called fear of public speaking or Glossophobia.

It is intimidating to speak in front of a large audience, even more so for people who do it for the first time. The thought of public speaking is daunting, it is however important to appreciate the process and not take yourself too seriously. How to overcome Glossophobia?

Get familiar with your topic:

Know your subject matter thoroughly and just cherish summarizing everything about it. Consider the topic to be something interesting, and this way you are likely to indulge in the context more than think of the fear of speaking in front of a large audience.

Practice extensively:

Practice your topic well in advance and do a mini rehearsal in front of people you are close to. While practicing acknowledge it, and think of it as something you are looking forward to.

Avoid overthinking specific worries:

While practicing, focus on the topic and rejoice in every part of speaking. There are chances of getting anxious, however it is important to challenge your worries and slowly work on not thinking about it. Practice this repeatedly till you finish your speech without the thought of worry in between.

Be positive about your presentation:

Always think the presentation is going to turn out well, and visualize a positive image of it. Never dwell on negativity, each time a negative thought arises, gradually remove it and picture yourself doing well on stage.

Take notice of your success:

It is vital to recognize your success after speaking in front of an audience, always be proud of yourself. If you have made mistakes, look at it as an opportunity to improve.

Most importantly relax and just enjoy the process of public speaking. A good way to feel calm would be to imagine that the stage is just as magnificent as being in a serene atmosphere.



Feel calm in the morning

Morning flowerHow does one feel after waking up in the morning? As soon as we awaken, there is so much going on in our minds. There is the anxiety of needing to finish chores and heading to work on time. Just think about letting go of stress and consider finding calm and inner peace. The sound of birds chirping in the morning is soothing. The arrival of sunrise is magical, with so much beauty around why not chose to feel serene.

What can we do to beat tension and feel refreshed in the morning

Write a note stating, the day is going to be good, and you will tackle any kind of challenge.

Listen to music of your choice

Wear an outfit that makes you feel content and comfortable

Hear a piece of comedy that will make you laugh and lighten your mood

Although mornings are rushed, take time to do something that makes you feel fabulous, even a little time is worth it.


Happiness find it !

smiling faceHappiness is the state of feeling enlivened. The release of good hormones, and a sense of euphoria. Although people want to be happy and feel it, they are not able to do so because of the stress of everyday life. We do spot smiling faces on a daily basis, and these are the people who chose to live in the moment. They enjoy the feeling of being in a happy state and cherish the times.

It isn’t possible to get away from stress and expectations of others from you, but yet there are a handful of people who keep the smile. It is a choice they make and a healthy one, because studies have proven happiness is good for health. It is beneficial for a healthy heart, strong immunity, reduced stress, and longevity.

If happiness can give you a longer life, why not chose it, to just feel relaxed and enjoy the moments.



Celebrate the Spirit of Women

International Woman'sDay


Today is International Women’s Day, that specially marks the mystique of women. A woman is the abundance of love, an image that floats is exterior tenderness and inner strength. But women have now come to be known to be strong in every way. As a mother she takes on her responsibility more accountably than the man who has pledged togetherness in most times. Playing a momentous role in the life of her child.

Today gender equality is most topical and yet despite the leaps and bounds of technological advancement, gender equality remains a debate. In America it is the women that earn more college degrees compared to men, and this has been the case for thirty years as stated by McKinsey and Company. Yet the opportunity a woman holds in the corporate world is less compared to men. It is interesting to note that the women’s demographic rate is high in top positions, the percentage of woman as 82% social workers, 98% are speech language pathologists, and 93% are dental assistants.

In India, women’s dominance is visible in the fields of teaching, nursing and Gynecology. Woman’s day is indeed a noteworthy day to celebrate the vast responsibilities a woman holds and also to ponder upon and encourage a stronger climb in the workforce and gender equality. Remember Mrs. Indira Gandhi, possibly the best Prime Minister the country had. Let’s make an example of her and climb the highest office in our careers.