Overcome Fear of Public Speaking



Stepping into a new work environment is nerve-racking, it takes time to adjust to the workings of a new place. Confined within an office space, individuals feel comfortable, but what about wanting to promote oneself more, to the extent of speaking in front of a large audience. While doing so, there is fear involved and it is called fear of public speaking or Glossophobia.

It is intimidating to speak in front of a large audience, even more so for people who do it for the first time. The thought of public speaking is daunting, it is however important to appreciate the process and not take yourself too seriously. How to overcome Glossophobia?

Get familiar with your topic:

Know your subject matter thoroughly and just cherish summarizing everything about it. Consider the topic to be something interesting, and this way you are likely to indulge in the context more than think of the fear of speaking in front of a large audience.

Practice extensively:

Practice your topic well in advance and do a mini rehearsal in front of people you are close to. While practicing acknowledge it, and think of it as something you are looking forward to.

Avoid overthinking specific worries:

While practicing, focus on the topic and rejoice in every part of speaking. There are chances of getting anxious, however it is important to challenge your worries and slowly work on not thinking about it. Practice this repeatedly till you finish your speech without the thought of worry in between.

Be positive about your presentation:

Always think the presentation is going to turn out well, and visualize a positive image of it. Never dwell on negativity, each time a negative thought arises, gradually remove it and picture yourself doing well on stage.

Take notice of your success:

It is vital to recognize your success after speaking in front of an audience, always be proud of yourself. If you have made mistakes, look at it as an opportunity to improve.

Most importantly relax and just enjoy the process of public speaking. A good way to feel calm would be to imagine that the stage is just as magnificent as being in a serene atmosphere.



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