Protect yourself from Party Drugs


It is fun to party, to just chill and have a blast, pubs and restaurants are packed to the core on the weekends. It is great to enjoy the freedom filled with atmosphere of relaxation and joy. Partying is fun for many, but one has to bear in mind safety, it is important to understand that there are risks involved in partying hard.

Firstly, it is essential to go to any place with a group of trustworthy friends, and second it is necessary to be careful. It is likely that anything unknown can happen in a pub or restaurant. There are chances that your drink can get spiked with club drugs also called party drugs or date rape drugs, it is hence important to be cautious. These drugs affect a person very quickly and the victim becomes confused, weak and can even pass out. Reports have stated that club drugs are likely to cause seizures and can even result in death.

How to protect yourself from party drugs?

Stay close to your trusted group of friends

When you go to get a drink, get it yourself from the server. Do not accept drinks from an unknown person.

Find a table that you consider to be safe and away from people who do not appear to be decent.

It is better to not start a conversation with random people.

Wherever you go such as to restroom take a reliable friend with you.

Date rape drugs can be slipped into your drink without your knowledge, and it is difficult to spot these drugs, because most of these drugs have no taste, no color, no odor. It is imperative to have sound knowledge on club drugs, because it is dangerous. Pay attention to these commonly known drugs.


Ecstasy is the most known date rape drug and the other names for it is entactogen or empathogen. It usually is a small colored pill and is sometimes seen in powdered or crystal form. The side effects of consuming this drug is increased feeling of happiness, decreased perception of surroundings particularly with regard to music and light, increased heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, high level of energy, high level of fatigue, muscle cramping, teeth grinding and chills.


GHB is gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, it is a central nervous-system depressant sold in the form of powder, capsule or liquid pill. This drug is a sedative and causes anesthesia and euphoria. The effect of the drug is severely risky when mixed with alcohol. The side effects of GHB are involuntary eye movement, dilated pupils, enhanced feeling of dizziness, euphoria, confusion, short-term amnesia, hallucinations, increased anger and loss of consciousness.


Methamphetamine is a harsh stimulant, upon intake it can result in a very strong feeling of euphoria and then there are feelings of being in lower euphoric state for long periods. The person who has consumed the drug becomes extremely energetic, more than the usual and there is excessive weight loss. Also watch out for increase in body temperature and blood pressure and increased sex drive. Look out for these symptoms aggressive behavior, intense mood changes, insomnia, confusion and severe paranoia.

Remember club drugs also called date rape drugs or party drugs are extremely dangerous. It is therefore essential to be careful at parties and restaurants. These drugs will put victims into a dopey state, and there are high chances of victim experiencing sexual assault.








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