Overcome fear of heights and enjoy moments



Acrophobia or fear of heights is common, although it is not spoken about to a large extent. People are subjected to taking a route that involves certain amount of height, and there isn’t a doubt of fear engraved, people just walk up and down happily whether it is stairs or elevator. The thought of looking at a fantastic view is mesmerizing and most of the time we are forced to look down. It certainly is not easy to carry on with daily lives moving on the stairs or using the elevator for people with Acrophobia. These individuals need help and should never have to experience the burden of everyday life. The phenomenon of Acrophobia does exist and let us know what a person goes through.

Symptoms of Acrophobia:

The fear is so intense that people are unable to stand on their feet

You will notice sweating and shaking and also watch out for crying and yelling

The affected person experiences heart palpitations

You will notice panic attacks and the inability to breathe

Also watch out for headache and dizziness.

What really causes Acrophobia? It probably comes from a past experience of an injury or fall. The fall could be from a bike or from a height, it is tough to get over the fear instantly and the trauma is going to continuously haunt the individual. For those who have Acrophobia, it is possible to overcome this fear and it is good to speak about your fears openly. It is important to get help from a counselor and psychiatrist.

Tackling Acrophobia:

The most important aspect about Acrophobia is to not feel ashamed of having it, read up about the condition. Tackle your fear gradually, and climb one step at a time till you attain your goal of reaching the top.

If you are afraid of taking the elevator, get into it with a known person, and then go alone till you have no fear.

Try to engage in relaxation every time the thought of heights emerges, immerse yourself in relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation.

If you are walking on an upward or downward slope, channel your thoughts on enjoying the walk and slowly work on eliminating the fear of being at a height.

Write down your fears and the progress made in conquering each fear