Beat the Monday Blues

Monday pic

The end of a Friday or Saturday evening is bliss for corporate professionals. Planning the weekend is fun and relaxing, and just the thought of waking up a little later than usual is calming. When Sunday evening arrives, professionals are faced with mixed emotions, some enjoy the thought of going to work, and others are still lost in leisure. Now how to get back to work on Monday with a refreshed and merry frame of mind.

Decorate your room with aromatherapy candle, Sunday evening

Enjoy your favorite songs

Pack your favorite meal to carry to office to assuage Monday blues

Call your fellow Monday-blue mate and share a few thoughts and feel better

Head to a nearby coffee shop to spend time by yourself and imbibe the chatty atmosphere.





Protect yourself from Party Drugs

bar-3047514_960_720It is fun to party, to just chill and have a blast, pubs and restaurants are packed to the core on the weekends. It is great to enjoy the freedom filled with atmosphere of relaxation and joy. Partying is fun for many, but one has to bear in mind safety, it is important to understand that there are risks involved in partying hard.

Firstly, it is essential to go to any place with a group of trustworthy friends, and second it is necessary to be careful. It is likely that anything unknown can happen in a pub or restaurant. There are chances that your drink can get spiked with club drugs also called party drugs or date rape drugs, it is hence important to be cautious. These drugs affect a person very quickly and the victim becomes confused, weak and can even pass out. Reports have stated that club drugs are likely to cause seizures and can even result in death.

How to protect yourself from party drugs?

Stay close to your trusted group of friends

When you go to get a drink, get it yourself from the server. Do not accept drinks from an unknown person.

Find a table that you consider to be safe and away from people who do not appear to be decent.

It is better to not start a conversation with random people.

Wherever you go such as to restroom take a reliable friend with you.

Date rape drugs can be slipped into your drink without your knowledge, and it is difficult to spot these drugs, because most of these drugs have no taste, no color, no odor. It is imperative to have sound knowledge on club drugs, because it is dangerous. Pay attention to these commonly known drugs.


Ecstasy is the most known date rape drug and the other names for it is entactogen or empathogen. It usually is a small colored pill and is sometimes seen in powdered or crystal form. The side effects of consuming this drug is increased feeling of happiness, decreased perception of surroundings particularly with regard to music and light, increased heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, high level of energy, high level of fatigue, muscle cramping, teeth grinding and chills.


GHB is gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, it is a central nervous-system depressant sold in the form of powder, capsule or liquid pill. This drug is a sedative and causes anesthesia and euphoria. The effect of the drug is severely risky when mixed with alcohol. The side effects of GHB are involuntary eye movement, dilated pupils, enhanced feeling of dizziness, euphoria, confusion, short-term amnesia, hallucinations, increased anger and loss of consciousness.


Methamphetamine is a harsh stimulant, upon intake it can result in a very strong feeling of euphoria and then there are feelings of being in lower euphoric state for long periods. The person who has consumed the drug becomes extremely energetic, more than the usual and there is excessive weight loss. Also watch out for increase in body temperature and blood pressure and increased sex drive. Look out for these symptoms aggressive behavior, intense mood changes, insomnia, confusion and severe paranoia.

Remember club drugs also called date rape drugs or party drugs are extremely dangerous. It is therefore essential to be careful at parties and restaurants. These drugs will put victims into a dopey state, and there are high chances of victim experiencing sexual assault.







Be aware and protect yourself from Cyber-Stalking

Internet Predators can reach further than you think


Cyber-stalking is not a joke, it is a serious offense! It is a crime where the attacker threatens or harasses a victim through electronic means.  It is done using email or instant messaging. The perpetrator will find a smart way to attack, by making himself/herself anonymous.

It isn’t easy to predict when cyber-stalking can happen, but it is important to protect yourself from threats. Follow some of the guidelines on how to be safe from this crime.

There are many dating sites that have emerged, it is important to not reveal your telephone number until you are certain the person is safe.

Do not share your password with anyone and it can be particularly dangerous when given to people with high sex drive. Set your profile to privacy mode.

Keep email and social media sites password protected

Do not accept friend requests randomly, do so only when you feel the person is safe and decent.

If you detect undesired behavior on any online medium, report it and block the contact.

It is essential to be familiar with the harsh impact of cyber-stalking on well-being of individuals. It is important for people of all ages to know what this crime is all about, and there should be a strong support system to help victims.

There has been an increase in the occurrence of cyber-stalking cases in India, according to cyber-security solutions firm Norton, 8 out of 10 people in India have been exposed to this crime, and 41% of women have faced sexual harassment through electronic means.



Overcome Fear of Public Speaking



Stepping into a new work environment is nerve-racking, it takes time to adjust to the workings of a new place. Confined within an office space, individuals feel comfortable, but what about wanting to promote oneself more, to the extent of speaking in front of a large audience. While doing so, there is fear involved and it is called fear of public speaking or Glossophobia.

It is intimidating to speak in front of a large audience, even more so for people who do it for the first time. The thought of public speaking is daunting, it is however important to appreciate the process and not take yourself too seriously. How to overcome Glossophobia?

Get familiar with your topic:

Know your subject matter thoroughly and just cherish summarizing everything about it. Consider the topic to be something interesting, and this way you are likely to indulge in the context more than think of the fear of speaking in front of a large audience.

Practice extensively:

Practice your topic well in advance and do a mini rehearsal in front of people you are close to. While practicing acknowledge it, and think of it as something you are looking forward to.

Avoid overthinking specific worries:

While practicing, focus on the topic and rejoice in every part of speaking. There are chances of getting anxious, however it is important to challenge your worries and slowly work on not thinking about it. Practice this repeatedly till you finish your speech without the thought of worry in between.

Be positive about your presentation:

Always think the presentation is going to turn out well, and visualize a positive image of it. Never dwell on negativity, each time a negative thought arises, gradually remove it and picture yourself doing well on stage.

Take notice of your success:

It is vital to recognize your success after speaking in front of an audience, always be proud of yourself. If you have made mistakes, look at it as an opportunity to improve.

Most importantly relax and just enjoy the process of public speaking. A good way to feel calm would be to imagine that the stage is just as magnificent as being in a serene atmosphere.


Feel calm in the morning

Morning flowerHow does one feel after waking up in the morning? As soon as we awaken, there is so much going on in our minds. There is the anxiety of needing to finish chores and heading to work on time. Just think about letting go of stress and consider finding calm and inner peace. The sound of birds chirping in the morning is soothing. The arrival of sunrise is magical, with so much beauty around why not chose to feel serene.

What can we do to beat tension and feel refreshed in the morning

Write a note stating, the day is going to be good, and you will tackle any kind of challenge.

Listen to music of your choice

Wear an outfit that makes you feel content and comfortable

Hear a piece of comedy that will make you laugh and lighten your mood

Although mornings are rushed, take time to do something that makes you feel fabulous, even a little time is worth it.


Celebrate the Spirit of Women

International Woman'sDay


Today is International Women’s Day, that specially marks the mystique of women. A woman is the abundance of love, an image that floats is exterior tenderness and inner strength. But women have now come to be known to be strong in every way. As a mother she takes on her responsibility more accountably than the man who has pledged togetherness in most times. Playing a momentous role in the life of her child.

Today gender equality is most topical and yet despite the leaps and bounds of technological advancement, gender equality remains a debate. In America it is the women that earn more college degrees compared to men, and this has been the case for thirty years as stated by McKinsey and Company. Yet the opportunity a woman holds in the corporate world is less compared to men. It is interesting to note that the women’s demographic rate is high in top positions, the percentage of woman as 82% social workers, 98% are speech language pathologists, and 93% are dental assistants.

In India, women’s dominance is visible in the fields of teaching, nursing and Gynecology. Woman’s day is indeed a noteworthy day to celebrate the vast responsibilities a woman holds and also to ponder upon and encourage a stronger climb in the workforce and gender equality. Remember Mrs. Indira Gandhi, possibly the best Prime Minister the country had. Let’s make an example of her and climb the highest office in our careers.


Enjoy Caffeine in a Healthy Way



What is life without caffeine for millions? One starts their day with a morning cup of coffee. Waking up early with the thought of going to work or carrying out chores is hectic and it does time take to snap out of the sleepy mode. As soon as one wakes up the first thought that emerges is a cup of tea or coffee. Why is this so? Mainly to only wipe off the slumber and feel energetic and charged. However, for some just the needed amount of coffee is not enough, they enter a state of caffeine dependence.

Craving for a cup of coffee in the morning is normal, but for some it is not enough, they want more. When one has the dependency problem of sipping on more than one cup in the morning, it is a sign of caffeine dependence. When it comes to just feeling fresh and lively, people depend on caffeine the most and it is the most abundant mood-altering drug consumed. How does caffeine light up people’s mood and energy levels? It is a mild stimulant that functions on central nervous system. It improves memory, relieves depression and enhances attention and alertness. The most often ingested source of caffeine is coffee, and what is the normal requirement of coffee which is a healthy limit for individuals. Experts say 400 mg of caffeine is the normal limit and this is equivalent to four cups of coffee.

Withdrawal symptoms:

For people who depend on caffeine for morning boost, the day starts with a cup of tea or coffee, but for individuals who are stressed, there is a craving for more than the needed amount, and they develop withdrawal symptoms. The main sign of withdrawal is headache and inability to focus. The other symptoms to watch out for are irritability, depression, muscle ache, vomiting and nausea.

The onset of withdrawal symptoms starts 12 to 24 hours from the last period of caffeine ingestion. According to recent research, the symptoms can get extremely severe that people lose ability to concentrate.

Tolerance among caffeine users:

Many individuals feel the requirement to have caffeine first thing in the morning, and there are people who have developed tolerance for it. People who consume high levels of caffeine which is over 750 mg a day develop total tolerance and there are no signs of side effects.  This is proven in some individuals, and not everyone who has caffeine develops tolerance.

For a person who has not had caffeine for months or first-time user, there is a zero tolerance to the drug, because caffeine is considered a foreign substance. If the same amount of caffeine is consumed the next day, the level of tolerance decreases.  These are the symptoms that come with tolerance to caffeine, feeling of intense pleasure, sharp alertness, increased energy levels, enhanced motivation and positive feeling.

As a person becomes accustomed to caffeine the tolerance level reduces, and without the desired amount, the individual suffers from fatigue and extreme tiredness.

Ways to beat caffeine addiction:

There are some people who are overly dependent on caffeine, it is important to remember that as long as one adheres to normal requirement, it is okay. For people who have more than needed amount of caffeine can follow these tips to reduce intake and enjoy caffeine in a healthy way:

Replace caffeine with healthy fruit juices at intervals: Whenever one urges to have more caffeine than needed, it can be replaced with fresh juice like lemon that is refreshing.

Give good amount of break after consuming caffeine and focus the mind on fun activity like reading, music and so on.

Do not sip on coffee or tea quickly, drink it slowly and enjoy it and there are chances that there won’t be cravings for another cup.

Enjoy the flavor of coffee or tea while consuming, feel refreshed, and if there is a thought of another cup in a short interval, think of something positive or fill your mind with good thoughts.

Exercise like half an hour walking or at home is essential to release stress-fighting endorphins, and remain in a calm state, with reduced possibility of cravings.